So, you think that your doors and windows are made of steel and will last forever. You really should be thinking differently. Doors and windows are always vulnerable and they can last for a few years but their quality starts to deteriorate over time. You may get a few signs every now and then and it is important to keep track of those signs and if they are reoccurring or not. Want to know what those signs are that will help to understand if you need new windows? Let’s find out.

1. There is always a light breeze even when the windows are closed

Do you often feel a light breeze whenever you walk into the bedroom or living room and wonder where it is coming from even though the windows are closed? This is also known as drafty windows and they can change the temperature of the room when you are not around. It is a big sign that you need to fix your windows.

2. Condensation forming between cracked window glass or glass layers

Frosting of windows is another worrying sign that you should not neglect at any cost. The layers of the window will have water all the time. This happens when the seals that were attached to the windows wear down. It allows the moisture to pass between the glass panes and it will also change the temperature of the rooms. Houses that are located in places that experience high rainfall or too much of winters may see such signs.

3. Opening and closing of the windows become difficult

Probably the easiest way to understand if it is time to get new windows for your house is by experiencing difficulties while opening or closing of the windows. The alignment of the windows needs to be balanced in order to work smoothly. If the windows start to rot or rust, then you might experience a significant problem while opening the window. You will have to apply extra pressure and that can lead to damaging the window completely.

4. The frames become soft and they chip away

This happens when you have wooden windows that have lasted for years at a stretch. The quality of the wood deteriorates because of the rainwater that it absorbs. This can make the window frames softer than what they were earlier. Soon, they are going to chip away in small bits and eventually, you will see that the balance of the windows has been disturbed.

5. There is always noise even with the windows closed

Another worrying sign that proves there is something wrong with the windows is the constant noise coming from the outside. You will be able to understand this if you are living in a place that always has transport going around. Old windows may not close properly and that can leave you with a lot of noise coming in from the busy streets outside.

These are some of the stark signs that you need to look out for if you think that the windows are not behaving properly. It will be wise to change them completely to make sure your house is safe and secure.

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