Windows are essential in the home. They allow the sunlight to pass through making our homes lively. They also provide ventilation and an incredible view of the outdoors. Proper installation and maintenance of windows are vital to making them last longer. You may have previously had some window installation done, but you feel that something is not right. You will need to check for signs of poor window installation. So, what are some of these signs?

The Window Panes Are Jammed

Windows are meant to operate smoothly, with no difficulty. If you are finding it difficult to open and close them, then it could say that the mechanical parts of the window have been damaged. Maybe the hinges could have rusted, or the frames chipped or perhaps it could be due to the poor installation of the window if it is the latter, ensure that it is correctly installed as soon as possible. Leaving it that way will lead to more problems in the future.

Poor Fit

A poor fit can be noted from miles away. It cannot be hidden. The windows do not fit as they should and should be corrected immediately. It should not be ignored. Ensure you contact the manufacturer while the windows are still under warranty.


New windows are susceptible to cracks especially if they were not correctly installed. Sometimes it is the workers that have made mistakes for example, by handling the glass the wrong way. In this case, you are owed a refund and if not that, then a new installation. Do not be afraid to speak up since you need the value for your money.

Fog Between The Window Panes

Condensation between the window panes may be due to two reasons. One of them could be that the seal has failed or that the window was not installed correctly. If the window was done recently and the condensation between the panes cannot be removed by cleaning the exterior, then there is a very high likelihood that the window seal was broken during the installing process. Once you spot these warning signs, you should reach out to the contractor who did it to see if they are willing to fix it or contact a licensed window installer to remove the windows and reinstall them the right way.

Water Damage

Water and air should not pass through your windows. Something is wrong if you feel a draft when you walk by your windows. Drafts will mean that there is a lack of insulation which may lead to your energy bills will be higher than usual. Signs of water damage will include bubbling wallpaper, mold, bad smells and also pooling water. You should take action as soon as possible since your property will deteriorate and your health may be at risk.

The best way to avoid seeing these warning signs of lousy window installation is through hiring a window installer that is reputable and well experienced. They should be professional and come with a warranty for the services that they offer so that when you have these problems, they can fix it promptly.

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